Wednesday, October 10, 2007

são paulo, branner colleagues

Please excuse this harmless bit of ecstatic self-indulgence and gosh-look-how-special-we-are-this-year-ness. Brazil marks the unique intersection of the year's three Branner trajectories; I overlapped with Ivan Valin in Japan, Italy, and France but this is my first time crossing paths with Yuki Bowman. Amidst all the jumping and joking and hooting and hollering I have found it profoundly enjoyable to hash out urban landscapes and architectural jewels with two minds enriched by nine respective months of itinerant architectural observation. Our discussions remind me that the fruits of travel—sensibilities stirred, assumptions unsettled—remain freshly inchoate but I've definitely had a blast sampling our distended reservoirs of newly acquired knowledge over carne and Caipirinhas.
*images courtesy of Ivan Valin and Yuki Bowman